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            Corporate governance

            The Board of directors is ultimately responsible for the strategic direction, management and control of the Group's activities. The Board is committed to, and recognises the value and importance of, high standards of corporate governance. Dixons Carphone complies with the Corporate Governance Code.

            View the Corporate Governance Report on page 50 of the Dixons Carphone Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19


            Audit Committee
            Fiona McBain (Chair)
            Eileen Burbidge MBE
            Gerry Murphy

            Disclosure Committee
            Jonny Mason (Chair)
            Alex Baldock
            Nigel Paterson

            Nominations Committee
            Lord Livingston (Chair)
            Tony DeNunzio
            Andrea Gisle Joosen

            Remuneration Committee
            Tony DeNunzio (Chair)
            Andrea Gisle Joosen
            Gerry Murphy

            Director Shareholdings

            Dixons Carphone plc
            Director Shareholdings as at 1 July 2019

            Issued share capital: 1,162,360,001

            Director Position Number of Shares % interest
            Lord Livingston of Parkhead Chairman 205,631 0.02%
            Alex Baldock Group Chief Executive 375,533 0.03%
            Eileen Burbidge Independent Non-Executive Director 4,200 0.00%
            Tony DeNunzio CBE Deputy Chairman and Senior Independent Director 200,000 0.02%
            Andrea Gisle Joosen Independent Non-Executive Director 24,976 0.00%
            Jonny Mason Group Chief Financial Officer 175,000 0.02%
            Fiona McBain Independent Non-Executive Director 28,129 0.00%
            Gerry Murphy Independent Non-Executive Director 100,000 0.01%