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            Our Vision

            Our vision is to help everyone enjoy amazing technology. This is our promise to our customers. As a market leading consumer electrical, mobile phone and services retailer, it drives everything we do.

            “Customers find technology incredibly exciting, but they can also find it confusing and expensive. We exist to help everyone discover, choose, afford and enjoy technology and there is no one better than us at doing this.”

            Alex Baldock, CEO

            We work together as one business

            Capable and committed colleagues working in one joined up business are our greatest advantage. By obsessing about understanding what our customers value, they help us to build the foundations for a better multi-channel experience at scale. Together we have created a common set of values, behaviours and attitudes that bind us together.

            We work together as one
            help with amazing

            Help with amazing advice through assisted selling

            If we are to help customers discover and choose the right technology for them, that is through the assisted sale and through the data that feeds that assisted sale.

            Assisted selling is at the heart of what makes us valuable to the customer. We are investing in our colleagues, in tools and training. We want to help our colleagues help customers.

            we have something for EVERYONE TO ENJOY; we make it affordable and easy

            We are big. We have something for everyone. If we help everyone we need to make the most of our scale and that starts with a huge range and we are underway to dramatically grow it.

            We need to make that range accessible to everyone through making it affordable – That starts with being trusted on price and through credit. Credit will be part of the expansion of services we offer to customers and a bigger part of our business going forward.

            We need an easy end-to-end customer experience for everybody however they want to shop; whether online, in store or both. An easy experience and services that allow customers to enjoy and make the most of their product throughout its life are two good reasons for our customer relationships to become stickier and more valuable.

            EVERYONE can find technology to meet their needs
            AMAZING TECHNOLOGY across all of our sites and stores

            AMAZING TECHNOLOGY across all of our sites and stores

            We want to make this category exciting and we can help customers by making our stores and our sites exciting as well as easy places to shop.

            Our partnerships with suppliers play a very big role. We matter to our suppliers and we can do things to work together so both benefit.

            And Mobile is central to our vision. We’re committed to investing in mobile – the number one category in the market and arguably the single-most important technology product for the customer - and transforming the category into one which works for customers, handset suppliers, network partners and the business as a whole.