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            We are passionate about helping everyone enjoy amazing technology.

            We are creating a happier, more valuable business by delivering what matters to our stakeholders, respecting our environment and making decisions to always do the right thing for us all, in everything that we do. We are dedicated to making life more enjoyable for everyone – whether it is greener, cheaper or smarter to recycled, repaired or donated.

            Giving customers peace of mind the amazing technology they buy from us is sourced responsibly, from a supply chain free from forced labour and exploitation is another key element of our sustainable business vision. To make sure this is actioned, we are actively on the ground collaborating with manufacturers and suppliers, to eliminate harmful environmental materials from our supply chain. Cutting our carbon emissions and making sure the amazing technology we sell, is transported cleanly and efficiently is a given in all that we do.

            We are massively committed to sustainable business practices and high standards of corporate and social responsibility

            In 2018 we pledged to support the United Nation’s sustainability goals of reducing modern slavery, inequality and climate change whilst supporting sustainable economic growth and responsible consumption and production.


            We have again been recognised in the FTSE4GOOD UK Index for our progress and are also in the process of implementing an ISO 50001-certified energy management system.

            Find out more about our Sustainable Business pillars...

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            Amazing Technology

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