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            We are a company for everyone, for every customer, and for every colleague. We embrace the best talent and we recognise having a colleague base which is diverse in every sense, will best reflect and serve our society. 

            Preventing unlawful discrimination in the workplace is a priority, and we promote an honest and open environment, encouraging colleagues with concerns, to report any issues directly to their line managers or through an independent, confidential integrity line.

            In the last year we have:

            • Increased female senior representation in our Group Leadership Team to 26%.
            • Updated our corporate recruitment policies and external websites to focus on unbiased selection and promote flexibility.
            • Implemented a fair and consistent approach for Maternity, Paternity and Adoption policies.
            • Included questions on diversity and inclusion into our engagement survey, to give us insight and measurement that we can act on.
            • Continued sponsorship and collaboration with external network groups such as, Retail Week’s ‘Be Inspired’ keeping us close to best practice.
            • Pioneered a management training programme for female applicants in Elkj?p, Norway.

            Financial inclusion
            In 2018, we launched Salary Finance, where colleagues can apply for loans at affordable rates and receive budgeting and saving tips and tools.Responsible-Credit-banner-image

            As well as supporting affordable access to our products and services for colleagues, we also support people employed in other organisations such as the NHS with our gift cards and eGift cards being used to facilitate the purchase of products through third party benefits platforms. 

            Distributing our products efficiently
            We are committed to ensuring customers receive their products efficiently, wherever they want them.Efficient-Distribution-banner-image

            Last year, 7.2 tonne vehicles arrived in our fleet. Since then we have seen a 5% improvement in fuel miles per gallon. Though this is a small initial step, we are targeting more significant reductions in the upcoming year, with improved driver training, the use of telematics and a new ‘in-cab’ driver alert system.

            Find out more about our Sustainable Business pillars...