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            Meeting our environmental responsibilities and limiting the impact of our operations, in a way that is practical and economically viable makes up our fabric as a sustainable business. Our environmental policy therefore covers issues including energy consumption, carbon emissions, supply chain, operational waste and climate change risks.

            We are always looking for ways to help our customers reduce their environmental impact, through providing low carbon products and offering Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (‘WEEE’) re-use schemes. Much of our own label range is energy efficient and other energy saving products are also sold throughout our Retail stores, such as Nest and Hive.

            We are proud to be the biggest recycler of waste electricals in UK Retail, recycling 51% of all major domestic waste electricals collected in 2018.

            Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (‘WEEE’) Recycling 
            Our award-winning waste management programme is constantly evolving to help colleagues, customers and wider communities reduce their environmental impact. In 2018, as a group we collected approximately 88,105 WEEE tonnes! We prompt all our customers to drop off any unwanted electronics at our free in-store take back, or to have their old appliances collected for recycling for a small fee.

            How does it work?
            All recyclables from our UK stores are taken to our national recycling facility. Consistent grades of cardboard, plastic and expanded polystyrene are delivered by our Customer Service Centre depots to our recyclers, ensuring minimal transportation and the best return for our material.

            Each of our centres are also partnered with a reuse charity or an organisation, through which we repair and sell selected WEEE items. Through this collaboration, last year we helped 11,951 low income households save over £2.2 million and approximately 1,246 tonnes of CO2! We also partnered with the British Heart Foundation to recycle unwanted electrical donations.Environmental-Responsibility---WEEE-Recycling-banner-image.jpg

            To further our efforts, we actively encourage all our colleagues to recycle using relevant internal campaigns and provide recycling facilities at all our sites. We are streamlining our waste management suppliers in the UK to a single provider, who can deliver consistency across all our sites and continue our drive towards a zero waste to landfill business.

            Recycling in Elkj?p
            Each year, Elkj?p stores across the Nordic region collect over 27,000 tonnes of electronic waste from customers. The waste then gets collected by local recycling partners and is re-introduced into their circular economy. Any display or slightly damaged products are sold at a discount; damaged or inoperable electronic products are recycled. Amazingly, any waste from discarded products in these stores is now close to zero!

            DID YOU KNOW?

            ? Every three fridges Dixons Carphone recycles saves the equivalent of the average car’s annual emission.

            ? In 2018 we recycled 315,208 fridges, equating to 105,069 cars’ annual emissions!

            ? Last year we collected and refurbished approximately 426,605 phones in the UK.

            We know we are progressing on the right track, since the services we provide have been recognised with an Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management Award and has been shortlisted for the National Recycling Award and Business Green Leaders Awards this year. That said, we know there is still so much more to do, and we endeavour to constantly improve our recycling targets and initiatives.

            Plastics and Packaging

            Our eyes are wide open to the damaging effects of plastic and excessive packaging on our environment. We are strongly prioritising the implementation of solutions to reduce, recycle and reuse materials that are harmful to our environment. Plastics-banner-image.jpg

            What are we doing already?

            • We offer our home delivery customers a free packaging recycling service.
            • We are one of the largest recyclers of polystyrene in the UK, recycling 14% of all post-consumer polystyrene recycled in the UK.
            • We have worked with our Procurement and Ethical Sourcing Teams, to remove 75 tonnes of plastic use in the Nordics, reducing carrier bag usage by 54%.
            • We continue to find every opportunity to reduce Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product packaging.
            • We regularly try to influence our branded suppliers to make their own improvements, eliminating unnecessary plastics and packaging from our operation and supply chain

            UK Energy Reduction Target
            We had a target of reducing our UK energy consumption by 35% and corresponding CO2 emissions by 50% by 2020. Our super progressive energy management performance meant that last year, we reduced our consumption overall by 40.9% and CO2 emissions by 60.4%! Breaking our targets is how we intend to continue progressing and we are determined to not stop – until or unless we are fully carbon neutral. 

            Green energy
            A further step towards this goal being achieved, is by 98% of Dixons Carphone properties on the UK Mainland, now being powered by 100% renewable electricity, fully backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origins (‘REGOs’) and independently verified.

            United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 13): Climate Change
            We are committed to combatting climate change and its impacts.

            Solar power 
            Over the last 12 months, we have increased our Solar PV capacity by 100% to 2,000 kW, producing approximately 1,600,000 kWh per year. That is equivalent to cutting approximately 790 tonnes of CO2 emissions!Energy,-Water-Efficiency-and-Transport-banner-image

            After installing 6,645 solar panels on our buildings at the Distribution Centre in Newark, it is now the biggest landlord-funded rooftop solar installation on a distribution warehouse in the UK!

            Property Refurbishment Programme
            Over 25% of our UK retail stores use LED technology as the main source of lighting. Last year’s investments have provided energy savings, avoiding approximately 398 tonnes of CO2 emissions and we aim to keep growing this initiative.

            Continuing our collaboration with our Water Bureau and Consultancy Services provider, we deliver great water saving projects including large leak repairs, installation of water efficiency devices, along with the maintenance repairs to domestic fittings across the country. This ongoing project is currently saving approximately 45,000m3 per annum of water.

            Electric Vehicles (EV) and alternative fuels 
            Our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our logistical operation specifically, has given rise to the use of Electric Vehicles (EV), as well as expanding our strategy to look at alternative fuels. 

            We know that technology in the motor industry is advancing at a much faster rate, than the alternative fuel infrastructure to support it. However, we are currently working with Iveco to secure a trial on a Compressed Natural Gas vehicle and are also discussing an EV option with our company car fleet provider. We really are trying to bring cleaner and greener energy use throughout every level of our business.

            Find out more about our Sustainable Business pillars...