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            Dixons Carphone Race To The Stones

            Our headline sponsorship of the Race to the Stones continued in 2018.

            In July 2018, over 2,800 people chose to run, trek or walk along the ancient Ridgeway to Avebury Stone Circle, raising over £310,000 for 150 charitable causes. This included 156 colleagues who raised over £16,000 for our charity partner, The Mix.

            This two-day 100km ultra challenge won ‘Best Endurance Race’ in the 2018 Running Awards and was shortlisted for a 2018 Corporate Engagement Award.

            The ‘half-way hub’ was a great success and allowed suppliers including Fitbit, Jabra and Nokia to get people on board with their latest fitness, tech and wellness products. We're working with our suppliers to make more of this experience in July 2019. Since our headline sponsorship in 2014, this event has raised over £1.8 million for charity.

            "Dixons Carphone have used their sponsorship of Race to the Stones to help us open up long-distance walking and running events to the masses. They have led from the front taking employees and clients of all shapes and sizes on an unforgettable journey and showing that with the right support anything is possible; even 100km on foot. The award-winning event is now the largest of its type in the UK and we are reminded daily of the positive impact on participants’ mental and physical health. Whether an elite ultra-runner or a fundraising walker, the benefits of the event on a societal and personal level continue to grow and none of it would have been possible without Dixons Carphone.”

            Julian Mack , CEO and Founder, Threshold Sports