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            Dixons Carphone

            Annual General Meeting

            5 September 2019

            Statement on new CEO

            Our Responsibilities

            Supporting communities, connected homes and the families within them

            • Latest news
            • Events

            23 Sep 2019

            Dixons Carphone ‘ignites’ customer service with multimillion pound...

            Increasing investment in learning and development for new store colleagues by over £4m Revamped...

            05 Sep 2019

            Q1 2019/20 Trading Statement

            On track to meet our commitments UK & Ireland electricals like-for-like revenue +2% Strong...

            27 Aug 2019

            2019/20 Remuneration Policy

            DIXONS CARPHONE PLC (the "Company") 2019/20 REMUNERATION POLICY (the...

            12 Dec 2019

            Interim Results 2019/20


            ANNUAL REPORT AND ACCOUNTS 2018/19